Using Dinghy Plans When Building Your Own Dinghy

A person can feel like the king or queen of the ocean or maybe just a lake, by sailing in his or her own handmade dinghy.  The first step is to get some dinghy plans.  Most dinghies are easy to follow and it is a great project for teenagers or younger children working with their mother and/or father.  The whole family can take some part in building the dinghy and come up with a name for the little boat.  Most dinghies cannot hold an entire family, but people can take turns or build a fleet.  Maybe different families can get together, build, and then race.  People can get a lot of exercise paddling the little boats.

A dinghy is basically a small boat and also called a mini dory.  Some plans involve two sheets of plywood and build a boat that can hold up to three hundred pounds.  There are free designs on the Internet or you can buy them on EBay or other web sites.  The basic design starts with cutting out patterns of wood and laying them out correctly.  It really helps to have many clamps and glue to hold everything in place until it is finished.  The tricky part is steaming the stingers.  For stingers are one by two pieces of wood that need to be carefully bent long ways across the bottom of the boat.  Wood is hard to bend without it splitting, so people often think they have to stop right there, but there is hope even for the amateur.  You can make your own miniature steamer using a four-inch PVC pipe that is eight feet long.  A stringer will fit in this pipe and with a hand made tin foil pipe, camp stove, and a teakettle you have a steamer.  A person might want to put fiberglass on the wood.  Note; this is not the kind of fiberglass used to insulate a house, which would absorb water and likely sink the boat.

Not all plans involve needing a steamer.  Some times all you have to do is order a kit and follow the plans.  That would probably the best for a beginner.  The hardest part of most building most things is figuring out exactly what you need and getting all the pieces cut just right.  If you have the supplies, precut pieces, and good plans, it can be almost as simple as putting LEGOs together.  Only you cannot just press the pieces together and expect them to stay.  Not many kits include the lumber, but the kits are planned for people who have no idea how to build a boat.

boat plans

Even experienced builders need a plan.  Everybody needs a plan; even Noah had plans for building the ark.  Having detailed plans can save a lot of money in wasted materials, and a lot of one of our most precious resources – time.

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